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#MusicMonday – Super Mario 64 – Bob-Omb Battlefield – Super Soul Bros (Live at Stritch)

Super Mario 3D All-Stars was released earlier this month, and there’s a ton of catchy music in Super Mario 64. I’ve been enjoying the upbeat and catchy tunes, thanks to composer Koji Kondo, and I’m really digging this live performance of Bob-Omb Battlefield thanks to the Super Soul Bros. Check it out!

  • Drew

#MusicMonday – Demon’s Souls – “Character Creation Theme”

#MusicMonday returns with “Character Creation Theme” from the Demon’s Souls soundtrack. With the new hype surrounding BluePoint’s Remake of this spectacular game, I felt it appropriate to share this brooding tune. When creating your class, you’re greeted with this haunting, ethereal theme that just loops as it immediately sets the tone for foggy world you’ll be living in for awhile. It’s perfect for reading, studying, meditating, or dare I say it…folding laundry.


  • Will

#MusicMonday: Metal Gear Solid: Intruder 2

Hey Folks! Music Monday is back with a track from one of my most beloved franchises. “Intruder”, from the original Metal Gear Solid, I personally think defines the atmosphere, perfectly. High Hat shimmers, cricket sounds, bass-y themes, and dramatic sound effects. I honestly think it’s very difficult to describe the ambient tracks for this game. With that said, enjoy the track for yourself! Snaaaaaaakkkkeeee!!!!

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Ori and the Blind Forest – “Climbing the Ginso Tree “

I have yet to have the pleasure of playing Ori and the Blind Forest (it’s in my backlog as a must-play), but I heard the soundtrack was absolutely breathtaking, so I had to check it out.

They weren’t wrong – Gareth Coker’s soundscape seems perfect for the game, but this track in particular captured me in a different way – and actually gave me chills.

It still does every time I hear it. I hope it moves you in the same way it moves me.