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#MusicMonday: Skyrim – “Wind Guide You”

Flying over Skyrim’s world on a dragon is now possible, well, by listening to this track and diving into your wildest imaginations. Skyrim is a spectacular experience, and Jeremy Soule’s work on the soundtrack is nothing short of amazing. Wind Guide You is one that sort of sneaks up on you when you listen to the score in order. I feel it encapsulates everything that is grand about Skyrim’s world. It’s triumphant, it’s sad, its harmonious, and it’s deeply moving.

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Gris – Gris, Pt.1

Man. I sort of forgot how special this game is, and more importantly how special the soundtrack is to Gris. I really love this track because of the way it builds and has this epic crescendo with the trumpets and horns. Gris’ soundtrack is ethereal and haunting, yet touching, and beautiful. It’s something special, folks. Give it a listen!

  • Will