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Will’s Cool Games: Shadow Of The Colossus (Remake)

Well, folks, it’s been a good while, hasn’t it? The good news is, I’ve beaten a game recently (believe it or not), and it just so happened to make the cut for a WCG. On this dreary Sunday morning, I felt compelled to sit down at my newly beloved desk, and pour my heart out, as to why this game has made it into my top five games of all time. Ladies and gentleman, this…is Shadow Of The Colossus.

Prepare to a wild ride..

Before we jump in, I bought this game years ago. Well, a year or two ago. Either way, it’s been in my backlog for quite some time now, and after abandoning a game I wasn’t a huge fan of, I felt it was finally time to try SOTC out, once and for all. SOTC has been a very well received game for many, many years now. Originally a PS2 title, and then a remastered PS3 title, followed by the final remake by BluePoint Games. The Gods of remakes and remasters. Game reinstalled, I fired it up to see what all the fuss was about.

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