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WDGR Podcast Episode 139: The Very Last One!

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This is it folks. This is our very last episode. So let’s make it a party, shall we?

We had a very lively Twitch chat to join us as we celebrated 139 episodes of WDGR. Will and Drew talked about five games each want to beat after the show ends, including some long time thorns in their sides like Sekiro and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Plus, the two open up an extensive mailbag one last time, and take some time to address their future projects.

Special thanks to our Patreon Producers – Nick Naylor, Shannon Willis, Keith Zallinger, and PancakeRonin!

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“Selection Screen 2” was written and performed by William Grobbelaar. Check out his Soundcloud for more music: http://www.soundcloud.com/Will_Gear

WDGRPodcast Episode 055: The Xbox CyberTruck

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The mailbag is overflowing! After two weeks of mailbag buildup, Will and Drew pop it open and provide sweet release, chatting about topics like mobile gaming, games that defined the decade, and more.

Plus, Drew has finally played Sayonara Wild Hearts and has a ton to say about it, and Will watched The Game Awards! What did he think about the new Xbox? About the winners? And the new reveals?

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“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Will’s Cool Games: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro. Sekeero. Sekeroh. I’m still trying to figure out how to properly pronounce the title of this game. Welcome back to another Will’s Cool Games editorial! Today I will be covering why this game could be the coolest game for me yet, and why and I can’t seem to play it without the fear of me destroying it, and feeling like an absolute failure. Sekeero. I’m going to stick with that for now..

What does Sekiro mean, anyway? The direct Japanese translation is “one-armed wolf”, and Sekiro is the main protagonist. You are the one armed wolf, and a deadly one at that. You have a prosthetic arm, and a sharp, sometimes shiny sword. Channel your memories of Tenchu for a moment, and envision your character traversing rooftops via grappling hook, and swooping down on enemies while impaling them with your sword. Sekiro does a bang up job rekindling this, but in a much cooler way. Your mission is to attempt revenge on a samurai clan who kidnapped him and his lord. So, with a small glimpse into what this game is all about, let’s find out how it made the cut for a Will’s Cool Game, shall we?

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