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WDGRPodcast Episode 119: The Harbinger of Bad Choices

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The WDGR March Madness Final Four has come to a close, with Pokemon taking on Metal Gear Solid, and The Legend of Zelda facing off against Metroid. Who walks forward into the championship battle? Will and Drew tally up the votes and take a look.

Plus, Drew provides an update on his God of War experience. Has the game opened up for him yet? Is the combat clicking? 

And, Will and Drew discuss the rumored confirmed closing of the PS3, PSP, and Vita stores. The duo is not pleased. Why is Sony doing this? And does this remind Will of Playstation Home’s sunset? 

All this, plus talk about the Limited Run Classic Doom release, and much more!

Don’t forget, you can vote on the next March Madness round too! Head on over to our Twitter @WDGRPodcast, and hit up our voting thread. We’re in the finals, so make sure you vote count!

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“Selection Screen” was written and performed by William Grobbelaar. Check out his Soundcloud for more music: http://www.soundcloud.com/Will_Gear