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#MusicMonday: Metroid: Resynthesized (Soundtrack)

This one came out a little while ago. I had nearly forgotten about it. There was even a vinyl pressing that I wanted to jump on, but missed the boat.

If you’ve ever wondered what the original Metroid soundtrack would sound like if it were recorded using analog synths, check this out. It’s pretty incredible.

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WDGRPod Episode 076: Fingerhutter, featuring TubiakManiak!

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It’s part one of our two-part interview with TubiakManiak! He’s a visually-impaired gamer and all around incredible dude. We talk about Mike’s start as a gamer, what he grew up playing, and how his vision affects gaming. It’s a great discussion with some incredible stories. We hope you enjoy it!

In addition to being a gamer, Mike is also a podcast host. You can check out his podcast, Living Free with RP anywhere you get your podcasts, and follow him in his fitness journey on Instagram @TubiakManiak!

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“Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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