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#MusicMonday: Uncharted 3 – “Nate’s Theme 3.0”

Well, folks. Another game beat, another #MusicMonday to celebrate. This week’s track is entitled “Nate’s Theme 3.0” and is nothing short of epic. Cue the soaring orchestral violins and the brass for an awakening theme that invigorates the sense of adventure. It’s catchy, fun, dramatic, and full of emotion. Uncharted 3 was a fantastic experience, and so it this track along with the rest of the score. Enjoy!

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Uncharted 4: “A Thief’s End”

Greetings! #MusicMonday returns once again, this time, with a stunning piece from the masterful game that is Uncharted 4. “A Thief’s End” packs so much adventure, discovery, and exploration in its soaring orchestral theme. And what a theme this is! For all those that have played the Uncharted games, Nathan and his adventures are legendary, and this track encapsulates the Indiana Jones we all have inside of us. Buckle up for this one, you’re in for an epic ride.

  • Will