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#MusicMonday – Sixto Sounds – “Bloody Wolf Rock Arrangement”

Bloody Wolf is one of my all time favorites from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming. It’s a flawed masterpiece for the Turbo-Grafx 16, and has a banger of a soundtrack. But this wouldn’t be a normal #MusicMonday if I didn’t try to find a remixed version of one of my favorite video game tunes, would it?

Here comes a heavy metal instrumental version of the first stage, courtesy of Sixto Sounds. Enjoy!

  • Drew

#MusicMonday – Metal Gear Solid 3 – “Old Metal Gear”

#MusicMonday returns with another fine track to start your week. This time, I’m bringing the beachy, seductive vibes of “Old Metal Gear” from the Metal Gear Solid 3 soundtrack. I recently re-exported the entire soundtrack from disc to my computer, and fell in love again with this track along with the entire score. Kick back and relax with this one after a long day at work. Maybe a Margherita would be in order, too.

Until next time..

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Shadow Of The Colossus – “Prologue”

#MusicMonday returns with “Prologue” from Shadow Of The Colossus. Accompanying the game’s introduction cinematic, Prologue shines with emotion, sadness, loneliness, and hope. There’s a lot of mystery embedded in the flutes, voices, strings, and melodies that engulf your senses. I really enjoyed this soundtrack, and I think it’s fitting for the game’s premise and atmosphere. A story was captured with this score, and Prologue is a showstopper. Enjoy.

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – “Everybody Lies” (Michael McCann)

This soundtrack. THIS soundtrack, is so, freaking, good. This track in particular is chock-a-block full of unique, and interesting sounds. It represents mystery, stealth, action, sadness, and just…all the feels! It really captures the intrigue, and curiosity this game exudes at it’s pores. The end of the track concludes, with I can only describe as what you’d hear if you uncovered the world’s biggest secrets, and conspiracies. Perfect for studying or driving.


  • Will

#MusicMonday: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Prelude

Folks. I have a lump in my throat after listening to this. For all the FF7 fans around the globe, we now have access to the new FF7 soundtrack, and boy oh boy is it grandiose! The soothing harp arpeggiators, the sweeping orchestral horns, everything about the new version of “Prelude” I think is exactly what we hoped for. It’s more. It’s just more, and sometimes more is a great thing. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


  • Will