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WDGR Podcast Episode 123: Video Games Are Like Toothpaste

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It’s Will’s last podcast in his current office. As he preps his move to a new home, he and Drew press record one more time to discuss their video game backlogs, MLB The Show ’21, Returnal, Bioshock Infinite, CD Projekt Red’s refund rate for Cyberpunk, the Mortal Kombat movie teaser, a Ghost of Tsushima movie, and so much more.

All this, plus details of our Patreon, launching in May 1st!

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“Selection Screen” was written and performed by William Grobbelaar. Check out his Soundcloud for more music: http://www.soundcloud.com/Will_Gear

#MusicMonday: Ghost Of Tsushima – Tsushima Suite “Seiiki”

#MusicMonday returns with Ghost Of Tsushima. The moment I heard this track for the first time, I knew I would fall in love with the soundtrack. It reminds me of The Last Samurai, one of my favorite movies. It encapsulates feudal Japan, and the beauty Tsushima offers. I hope this track moves you to blubbering like a baby like it did to me.


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