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#MusicMonday: Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons – Command & Conquer Medley

I’ve shared this song before, but never this performance, and with Command & Conquer Remastered taking most of my gaming time, it’s hard not to recommend a song from C&C composer Frank Klepacki’s live performance with The Tiberian Sons at 2019’s MAGFest.

If you think this sounds good, I’ve got some great news for you – they rerecorded these tracks for the Remaster, and they sound incredible.

Hope you dig it, and be sure to check out the full concert!

#MusicMonday: Command & Conquer – Act on Instinct

Arguably the most identifiable track in C&C history, Act on Instinct is the first song you hear when you load up the game and start playing. It’s this weird mix of techno rock and fits the mood of the game perfectly. Easily one of my favorite tracks from composer Frank Klepacki.

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