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WDGR Podcast Episode 124: What Could Fit In That Crevice?”

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After an unplanned – but not entirely unexpected – absence last week, Will and Drew are back with a new episode! Will is mostly settled in his new home, and gives us an update on the Hans Gruber Memorial Sound Stage, as well as some anecdotes about Moving Day. Plus, Drew talks about being a consumer whore and buying all things Doom, Drew’s initial thoughts on Narita Boy and expanded reactions to MLB The Show 21, Will’s continued anger towards Sony and their PS5 shortages, plus so much more!

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“Selection Screen” was written and performed by William Grobbelaar. Check out his Soundcloud for more music: http://www.soundcloud.com/Will_Gear

WDGRPod Episode 066: Bee Farming Simulator 2000

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Will and Drew dive back into the mailbag and tackle hard hitting questions about the Coronavirus, new consoles, and pretentious hipster gaming opinions. Plus, Drew has played the FF7 Remake Demo, Will bought Battlefield 5, Drew grabbed Civ VI, and much more!

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