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#MusicMonday: Uncharted 4: “A Thief’s End”

Greetings! #MusicMonday returns once again, this time, with a stunning piece from the masterful game that is Uncharted 4. “A Thief’s End” packs so much adventure, discovery, and exploration in its soaring orchestral theme. And what a theme this is! For all those that have played the Uncharted games, Nathan and his adventures are legendary, and this track encapsulates the Indiana Jones we all have inside of us. Buckle up for this one, you’re in for an epic ride.

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Review: Doom Eternal

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

I have a complicated relationship with Doom Eternal.

In Episode 079 of WDGRPodcast, I spoke at length about the game, and listeners may notice that I was constantly conflicted – for everything it did that I loved, it did something I hated. It’s this duality and confusion that frustrates me to this day.

When Doom Eternal is good, it is great. It is unspeakably amazing. You feel like a complete badass. You use the biggest guns. You throw the strongest punches. You jump the highest jumps. And Hell is so scared of you that they send every demon possible at you every chance they get.

When Doom Eternal is bad, it is infuriating. The word frustrating does not do it justice. The game made me so angry on so many occasions that by the end I was beating it out of spite. I wanted to literally say to the game “Fuck you!” just like the Doom Slayer says to every Imp he stomps on.

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