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#MusicMonday: Ghost Of Tsushima – Tsushima Suite “Seiiki”

#MusicMonday returns with Ghost Of Tsushima. The moment I heard this track for the first time, I knew I would fall in love with the soundtrack. It reminds me of The Last Samurai, one of my favorite movies. It encapsulates feudal Japan, and the beauty Tsushima offers. I hope this track moves you to blubbering like a baby like it did to me.


  • Will

#MusicMonday: Assassin’s Creed 3 – “Modern Assassin” – Lorne Balfe

#MusicMonday returns with Assassin’s Creed 3. “Modern Assassin” is no slouch in the soundtrack department for the AC series, as I’d argue that the AC3 soundtrack is one of the best. Cascading drums and soaring strings is what you’ll find here, thanks to Lorne’s ability to capture to action and essence of the American Revolution.

Enjoy at a high volume!

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Dragon’s Crown – World Map Theme Extended

What a track we have here, folks. Ethereal, mysterious, enchanting, and spiritual all wrapped into one big dose of musical magic. I have Dragon’s Crown Pro, and have not played it yet, but I discovered the soundtrack many years ago and this track really caught my attention. It reminds me of a slow motion sequence of a Lord Of The Rings Battle. I hope it bring you some peace to your week!

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Metal Gear Solid 2: “Shell 2 Air Purification Room”

#MusicMonday returns once again, with this fine installment from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty. There are some really unique tracks from this game’s soundtrack, and this one cannot be overlooked. A lot of the music from the Big Shell area is so mysterious and haunting. It encapsulates the intrigue and espionage of the mission at hand while searching for answers of the global elite. It really makes me want to revisit the entire series.


– Will

#MusicMonday: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – “Everybody Lies” (Michael McCann)

This soundtrack. THIS soundtrack, is so, freaking, good. This track in particular is chock-a-block full of unique, and interesting sounds. It represents mystery, stealth, action, sadness, and just…all the feels! It really captures the intrigue, and curiosity this game exudes at it’s pores. The end of the track concludes, with I can only describe as what you’d hear if you uncovered the world’s biggest secrets, and conspiracies. Perfect for studying or driving.


  • Will

A Gamer Is Born: A Journey Through Time

I remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting Indian-style on the carpet of my neighbors living room in upstate New York, 2 feet away from a tube TV, I was playing my first video game. Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. With an orange plastic “gun” in hand, I was aiming at ducks flapping their way out of tall grass. A barking dog would often try to distract me. I was having fun. Perhaps fifteen minutes later, my neighbor-friend probably switched to Mario Bros. and handed me the rectangular controller of the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m sure I had to wait my turn of course, as it was his system. I remember dying often in the game. Here I am controlling a Italian plumber, jumping and head butting floating bricks. These are video games? I pondered. It wasn’t long before I knew there was something special about this idea of planting yourself in front of a television and immersing yourself in a virtual world. From there on out, I started my life as a “gamer.”

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#MusicMonday: Red Dead Redemption: “Born Unto Trouble”

Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic experience. “Born Unto Trouble” made the cut this week due to it possibly being my favorite track from the game. It has all the western sounds and cues you’d expect in a game such as this. Whistles, dusty, broken in violins, a saloon sounding piano with yellow keys, and a whole lot of eeriness. There’s a lot of mystery and sadness to the wild west, and this piece really captures that. I find it to be good for background music while being in a creative space.


  • Will

WDGR Game Night 05/08/20 – Battlefield V

A quarantine won’t stop WDGR Game Night… in fact it’s helping make it easier than ever!

Join Will and friends for an epic night of Battlefield V on PS4! Check the game-night channel in the community Discord for more info!

Game: Battlefield 1
Platform: PS4
Date/Time: Friday, 05/8/20, 8pm-midnight EDT

To join, send an PS4 friend request to either Lightngbltactn or Joe-Donuts. And of course, the best way to coordinate with us is to join our Discord room!

#MusicMonday: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Battle Theme

Cue the chills. Folks, this remastered, and somewhat remade Battle Theme for Final Fantasy Remake, cannot be ignored. It’s just so triumphant! I honestly could listen to it the way one would listen to Guile’s Theme. It’s so beautifully orchestrated in every sense of the way. Not only is it insanely catchy, but it really is so fitting to even the smallest of battles. I can’t imagine any other tune at this point, and I really think it adds tremendous flair to every battle engagement.

Enjoy at high volume!

  • Will

#MusicMonday: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Prelude

Folks. I have a lump in my throat after listening to this. For all the FF7 fans around the globe, we now have access to the new FF7 soundtrack, and boy oh boy is it grandiose! The soothing harp arpeggiators, the sweeping orchestral horns, everything about the new version of “Prelude” I think is exactly what we hoped for. It’s more. It’s just more, and sometimes more is a great thing. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


  • Will