WDGR Game Night 12/21/19 – Titanfall 2 on PS4

Join us December 21st for WDGR Game Night #3! This time around Will, Raf, and Joe will be hosting Titanfall 2 on PS4 from 8pm to 11pm EST. Titanfall 2 is this month’s free PlayStation Plus game so you better join in! We’ll be hopping in as a team to take on the fresh population of new players and, if enough people join we can even do some private matches! Look for Lightngbltactn, Joe-Donuts, or RaffyFatFingers to play. We’ll have a PSN party going.

Check the game-night channel in the community Discord for more info!

Game: Titanfall 2
Platform: PlayStation 4
Date/Time: Saturday, 12/21/19, 8pm-11pm EST

We hope to see you there!