Will’s Cool Games: God Of War

I normally don’t write one of these until I have completed a game, however, with God Of War, it was simply too irresistible to ignore. Folks, I am in love with this game, and I must tell you all about it as soon as possible. Most of you may know by now, a game really has to pack a punch and grab me in a way that will hold my attention long enough to play more than thirty minutes and then shelve it. Let’s just say I’ve played a lot more than thirty minutes of this masterful game. Well, without further ado, I am going to try and express why God Of War is shaping up to be one, cool game.

Father and son.

Now, before we jump into the 2018 release that I am currently in the midst of experiencing, you may remember, or know, God Of War to be the massive, half naked brute of a man, Kratos, to be swinging his dual chained sword/cleaver things around, and a bunch of Greek mythology. Colossal bosses and large statues, grim faces and super-human powers galore. Well, that was God Of War, and some of that is still present with the 2018 release. However, what Cory Barlog, the director, and the rest of Santa Monica Studios pulled off with the newest title, is nothing short of remarkable. A fresh outlook on the series came to life with a true, more familiar, third person camera perspective on Kratos, an epic craft brewery go-er beard, a barbaric axe, Norse mythology replacing Greek mythology, and an unbreakable bond between Kratos and his son, Atreus.

Cue a frigid landscape set in ancient Norway, and we find our new beard bearing, axe wielding Kratos, with his very young son Atreus, in close company. After a tragic death in the family, Kratos and Atreus set forth on a dangerous journey to take care of some sensitive, sentimental, family business. Axe in hand and Atreus with his trusty bow, you begin your ancient Nordic adventure into the unknown. Let’s slow things down here for a moment. I want to be clear about the relationship between Kratos and his son. Atreus is roughly around ten years old, and knows very little about real combat. He hunted rarely with his mother, but outside of being able to fire off a basic arrow, he’s quite vulnerable. Kratos on the other hand, harnesses truly god-like powers and strength. Atreus is not aware of everything he is capable of. This dynamic is interesting and engaging because not only is this a risky journey for both of them, but Kratos is also having to learn how to be a father for the first time. Well, perhaps a better, less emotionally guarded father.

This journey is necessary.

From a gameplay perspective, I haven’t played a game this tight and polished in some time. Basic movement feels natural and un-stiff. When you press a button or move the analog stick, Kratos responds exactly how you would expect. Very early on, you can tell Santa Monica put a serious amount of polish on gameplay. Combat feels wonderful and satisfying. Learning how to wield Kratos’ axe doesn’t take long, and this also includes dodging, blocking, and other valuable maneuvers. You also have the ability to control Atreus, to a limited degree. For example, you can tap square and have Atreus fire off a few arrows into a boss or enemy you are engaging with, and it can be very useful. So much so that he has saved my life countless times when my health was on the brink. Everywhere you go, Atreus goes. You’re both in this journey together, and if anything, the bond between them, and your observation of their bond, grows stronger every moment that passes in your journey together.

We fight, together.

There is an enormous amount of combat techniques and skills to purchase and learn. Your axe is capable of storing “runes” that enable you to perform god-like moves that are very useful in staving off foes. There are shield techniques that would have King Leonidas nodding in respect. Taking the fist-a-cuffs route? No problem for Kratos. Bash your enemies up with powerful ground blows and “Spartan Rage”, which might be my favorite power-up, so far. Spartan Rage perhaps takes a few notes from the beloved Asura’s Wrath, and Kratos is infused with anger and rage powerful enough to shake the heavens, and rumble the worst of hell’s nightmares. There was a very memorable moment the other night while playing, where Atreus was captured briefly by the enemy, and upon fighting that enemy, I saw a prompt on the screen saying Spartan Rage available. What did you think I did when my son is danger? Activate! I unleashed the kind of rage and fury only a father could imagine if their child was whisked away by flying Dark Elves. I felt anger and emotion, as I fought off the elves with my fiery fists, and shouts of desperation. Give. Me. Back. My. SON! I yelled internally. It was a powerful moment to say the least.

Oh for God’s sake…you asked for it.

God Of War also puts up a nice, fair, challenge for even the most well rounded gamers. I was humbled quite quickly when charging the first troll encounter. Trolls seems to be fairly common, and some seem to be more of a mini boss, but a strategy must be used here. This isn’t just a run up and attack sort of approach. You must use Atreus to your advantage, and study the bosses move set before you can just go guns blazing. I died often in the beginning from sheer carelessness and ego driven “I played Dark Souls” ways. Once putting that mentality to rest, I realized how limited your health bar is, and how damage is pretty damn significant, even for a “God”. Dodging is crucial, as well as sprinting, which helped a ton. There are often waves or small groups of enemies that will keep you on your toes when in battle. I really had to be conscious of blocking and dodging and using Atreus, AND recalling my axe when needed, all at once. A juggle affair if you will, but one that’s rewarding and feels necessary. Once your foes are settled with, you go around stomping power ups like health and hack silver (currency), because why bend over and pick it up like some human. You’re a God Of War. You’re not civilized!

Visually, God Of War is spectacular. This is prime example of a Playstation exclusive that is optimized to max out the console’s performance capabilities. I have never seen a character model look this good until now. It is exceptional what Santa Monica has accomplished with how Kratos moves and looks. He honestly just looks real most of the time, especially in cutscenes and when panning the camera around him. What’s even crazier, is I am playing on a non hdr, non 4k tv, and on a launch PS4. I cannot even imagine how it would look on a 4K hdr ps4 pro setup. It already just looks so wonderful. Not only does the game run so smoothly with no pop in, but the world seems to get more and more beautiful as your journey together, progresses.

One of my favorite areas in the game.

Sound and music wise, there is only music when necessary. What I mean by this is when you are traveling around, there is no music most of the time. It really only kicks in when you are fighting a boss or a wave of enemies. This is typical, I suppose, as most games of this nature aren’t filling up silence with background music, the way Skyrim would, for example. I honestly just haven’t played enough of the game to comment much more on the soundtrack, however, a colleague had me listen to a popular track the other day, and it reminded me of a Viking ship barreling into shore. It was kind of terrifying, but it fit the bill with the overall premise of the game.

Prepare for guttural sounding Vikings.

God Of War is a stunning achievement in gaming, and should not be overlooked as just another title in the series. This is a very, very special game that should be played by all gamers. I truly feel like there’s a place for it in every gamers library. With little dialogue and a simple premise, with a strong focus on quality gameplay, it’s hard not to be fully engaged with the offering. It’s games like this that make you feel content with owning a Playstation 4, because console exclusives like this are truly unmatched in quality and delivery. Find a way to play this game, folks. Trade in some crappy games and get your Spartan Rage on already. Your fictional son needs you.

Until next time, keep your games cool.

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WDGR Game Night 03/28/20 – Battlefield V

A quarantine won’t stop WDGR Game Night… in fact it’s helping make it easier than ever!

Join Will and friends for an epic night of Battlefield V on PS4! Check the game-night channel in the community Discord for more info!

Game: Battlefield 1
Platform: PS4
Date/Time: Saturday, 03/28/20, 8pm-midnight EDT

To join, send an Xbox friend request to either Lightngbltactn or DemonStration. And of course, the best way to coordinate with us is to join our Discord room!

WDGRPod Episode 069: Gamestop vs. COVID-19

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It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Will and Drew are hunkered down in self-isolation the best they can be. Thankfully, there’s plenty of games to keep them busy. Will’s diving into God of War, while Drew plays Doom 64 while patiently awaiting his copy of Doom: Eternal. 

Plus, the two chat about the Coronavirus situation, Gamestop’s determination to ignore the government, and much more!

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WDGRPod Episode 068: Will Hosted This One

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Drew woke up literally minutes before pressing record, so Will hosts this episode! The duo chats about the FF7 Remake Demo a bit more, Will getting peer pressured into buying God of War, E3 getting cancelled, the Coronavirus, and Drew losing his shit over the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

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#MusicMonday: Bayonetta “Paradiso: Sea Of Stars”

My oh my. This track transports you to the grandest cathedral of all, filled with organs, a choir the size of an ocean liner, and violins galore. I remember the first time I heard it I was literally gazing at a sea of stars. I knew then that this would be a memorable track from the game. Bayonetta’s soundtrack is no slouch, and this particular piece is a masterclass of a theme. A cathedral floating above earth. That just about sums it up, I think.


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Will’s Cool Games: Skyrim

Hoo-Boy. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. One of my most beloved games of all time. How do I honor this masterful title with a measly Will’s Cool Game article? I honestly don’t think I’m going to be able to capture, in this short write up, why this game is not only one of the coolest games around, but also why it could be my favorite game of all time. There, I said it! I said could be. Calm yourselves. Folks, let’s find out why I’ve spent a good portion of my life roaming the lands of Skyrim with sheer joy and wonder, and why I will continue to do so as long as I’m a gamer. Without further a-do, I have one thing to shout. FUS-DOH-RAH!!

Dragonborn’s the name, slayin’ dragon’s the game.
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WDGRPod Episode 067: The Best Beer and Bread Podcast of 2020

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Will has dove into the FF7 Remake Demo head-first, while Drew revisits the demo for a second time to try out Classic Mode. Plus, Will rediscovers Tetris Effect, and the duo tackles more listener mail!

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Two guys with no time to game, talk about gaming.

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